From our motherland, Greece

Greece, our first choice. In addition to the love for this blessed place, it has proven to be a “power” in the global market for aromatic plants and herbs.

The company is based and fully functions in Western Macedonia. This unique area in Greece consists of mountainous and hill regions with mountain ranges and high mountains like Vasilitsa, Grammos, Vitsi, Smolikas etc. Pindos, Pieria, Kaimahtsalan and Vermio are the natural borders that help the microclimates of the region to create unique varieties. A typical example is Mount Bourinos where 600 plants were recorded, among which many are rare plants and is considered to be a botanical heaven. West Macedonia is a region with many virgin pieces that are part of the Natura 2000 network.

A rich fauna of wild animals find refuge in a variety of woods (bushes, beech, fir, pine, etc) with an extraodinary population of bears, wolfes, eagles and deers. The Bear selters in Nimfaio, and Wolf Selter in Agrapidia, Valia Kalda and Askio are wildlife protecion areas.

The lakes in Prespes, Kastoria, Begoritida and other smaller natural or artificial lakes, along with Aliakmona are part of the high quality aquatic reserve of fresh water of the region and is considered to be one of the richest in Greece.

West Macedonia, like the rest of Greece meet all the criteria of systematic cultivation of aromatic plants. The continental climate along with the altitute of the region, the solping groung and the microclimates of the region favor the cultivation of high quality prooducts.

... and the whole World

We have been active in the spice industry for over 40 years. This imposed extroversion on our company. Today we have the opportunity to select certified producers from around the world. Suppliers of exotic ingredients so that we can offer high quality products and balanced blends to our customers.

From India and China to South America and Madagascar we take care of our partners to take care of our product.

The journey continues…