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Bay Leaves – 20g

Its sweet aroma is crucial for a great stew (octopus, rabit, etc.), steamed potatoes, fish in the oven, broths, marinates and of cource traditional greek lentils. Bay leaves are also used as an aromatic for vermouth, sweets and icecreams.

Chamomile Loose – 35g

Exceptional quality chamomile grown with care in specific fields of Greece. Unique in aroma and falvor, a great sample of quality greek agricultural production. Ideal for a beverage for your relaxing moments. Enjoy it hot or cold. Try it with greek honey.

Dittany Loose – 20g

The small bushy herb which loves dry climate and grows on rocks. The “Erontas of Crete” as its known. It symbolizes love. It has a light sweet mild flavour, ideal for a revitalizing beverage.

Greek Mountain Tea – Cut by hand 20g

- Sideritis Raeseri -
Mountain Tea is the most tradi tional herbal infusion in Greece.It has a unique, sweet, metalic flavor with exceptional properties. You can enjoy it hot or cold,and add honey or lemon.

Oregano – 60g

Greek oregano is mostly used as a spice in the mediterranean cuisine. It’s used in salads and casarols. It is also ideal for a hot winter beverage. Greek oregano is famous for its strong flavor and unique aroma. It’s collected in the summer months and naturaly dried.

Savory – 60g

Savory is used in cooking mainly ir recipes including roasts, legumes, marinades, scrambled eggs, white cheese, salads and vegetables. It is also used to flavor vinegar, olives and dried figs.

Thyme – 50g

Collected in mountain farms of the Greek region, it has a distinctive bold flavor. Mostly used in cooking as a spice in a variety of recipes such as fish, meat, sauses, soups, vegetables, salads, pasta, cheese, eggs even on butter.

Verbena Loose – 10g

Shrubby plant with a strong aroma of lemon and citrus. The leaves and flowers give an excellent beverage. In cooking it is used in confectionery preparations such as cakes, ice creams and syrups but also in the flavoring of seafood preparations.