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Aegean Myth Premium Bio

Aegean Sea, a mossaic of islands, people, cultures and flavours. Refreshing, tasteful and light! A breath of fresh air, summarized in the scent of the Spearmint. Sage and rosemary are “hidden” flavours like the beauties hidden all around the Aegean. Just take a breath and dive into a journey to a myth!
Ingredients: Sage, Spearmint, Rosemary

Cretan Sunrays Premium Bio

Crete, mountains, sea and sun! An ideal climate for the native herbs to multiply their essential oils. Rich in flavour, the mountain tea creates the foundation. Dictamnus complements and Verbena adds a light note with its characteristic lemon flavour. The mountain tea and dictamnus are like the “rugged” Cretan mountains, southed by Verbena like the warm rays of the Greek Sun.
Ingredients: Mountain Tea, Dictamnus, Verbena

Island Spirits Premium Bio

Secret pleasures of herbs begotten of Aegean weather. Windy winters which “break” the islands with the sea lead to salty dry summers whose heat can torch rocks. Rough conditions, conditions loved by these herbs, which produce strong spicy flavours full of essential oils. A well balanced combination of island spirits.
Ingredients: Oregano, Thyme, Sage

Olympus Path Premium Bio

Olympus, the mythical mountain. Its residents, the 12 gods, created paths, filled with fairies, muses, ethereal beings ready for you to embark on a journey back to Greek Mythology. This herbal blend will travel your senses. Spearmint will guide you to Enipea’s canyon road. Thyme will show you the aroma of the muses plateau, with Lavender adding a secret uplifting scent of the ethereal world.
Ingredients: Spearmint, Thyme, Lavender

Dittany Premium Bio

The small bushy herb which loves dry climate and grows on rocks. The “Erontas of Crete” as its known. It symbolizes love. It has a light sweet mild flavour, ideal for a revitalizing beverage.

Spearmint Premium Bio

Selected from specific farmer for its fresh clean mountain aroma, full of flavor.

Mountain Tea Blossoms Premium Bio

The herb that makes TSAI what it is. From Grandma to grandson, this herb is the essence of Greek traditional tea. Strong diverse flavour, quite different than anything you might know as tea. Cultivated on the rocky Greek mountains, watered by the rain and dryed by the wind, grown with all that nature has to offer.

Sage Premium Bio

Spicy flavours, warm feelings. An herb that seduces the mind, with its strong aroma. Its characteristic flavour and distinctive aroma make it a perfect everyday beverage.

Chamomile Premium Bio

Aromatic mild and warm greek organic chamomile. A classic beverage in its best.