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Aegean Myth – Herbal Blend Bio 100g

Aegean Sea, a mossaic of islands, people, cultures and flavours. Refreshing, tasteful and light! A breath of fresh air, summarized in the scent of the Spearmint. Sage and rosemary are “hidden” flavours like the beauties hidden all around the Aegean. Just take a breath and dive into a journey to a myth!
Ingredients:Sage, Spearmint, Rosemary

Assam – Black Tea Bio 100g

A full bodied tea with balanced flavor. A second harvest product considered to be higher graded than the first harvest. This tea comes from North Eastern India from a place with tropical climate,lots for rain and high temperatures creating the perfect environment for this flavorful tea.

Autumn Walk – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

Bergamot-orange-lemon flavor. A refreshing stroll in an autumn garden of gold red leaves. A blend full flavor revives the spirit through a fruity mix of citric fruits combined with spices.
Ingredients:black tea Assam, lemongrass, black tea Assam OP,black tea Golden Yunnan OP, natural flavouring, orange peels,lemon peels, verbena, rose petals, cornflower blue

Balm – Herb Bio 100g

Balm with its lemon aroma and mild character, is an ideal selection for a calming infusion.

Bancha – Green Tea Bio 100g

A green tea with leaves not rolled but compressed. A great aromatic beverage with soft character.

Belle Epoque – White Tea Blend Bio 100g

Violet-raspberry flavor. Sweet memories from romantic era. I beverage with sweet fruity ruspberry and violet flavor. Based on a blend green and white tea.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha, white tea Pai Mu Tan, natural flavouring, white tea China White Monkey, raspberry, mallow

Blue Flower Earl Grey – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

Bergamot flavor. Always classic black tea with natural Pergamon flavour. Lovely combination.
Ingredients:black tea Assam, natural flavouring, cornflower blue

Campus Garden – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Tandarine-grapefruit flavor. A unique beverage send us on a journey to a wonderful citrus garden. Tandarine and grapefruit are ideally combined with exceptional quality green tea. Delightful and balanced.
Ingredients:Green Tea China Sencha, marigold, natural flavouring, orange peels, balm, verbena, tangarine, passionflower herb, China jasmine Dragon Pearls, mango, lime blossoms

Casablanca – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Peppermint flavor. A meeting of two ancient traditions. The Chinese green tea with the Moroccan unique flavorful peppermint. A beverage with rich aroma and strong freshness.
Ingredients:reen tea China Gunpowder, peppermint, natural flavouring

Ceylon OP– Black Tea 100g

Black, classic, single blend Ceylon Tea Orange Pekoe.

Chamomile – Herb Bio 100g

Humble and wonderful, chamomile, the king of herbal drinks worldwide.

Chun Mee – Green Tea Bio 100g

One of the most famous teas. It has gray color, with tightly rolled leaves of exceptional green tea. Its flavour is less sweet the other green teas, more acidic, more earthly.