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Minty Rosa – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Rose-peppermint flavor. A great combination full of freshness and aroma. Rose meets peppermint and give green tea a special character.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha, peppermint, green tea China Gunpowder, white tea Pai Mu Tan, green tea Darjeeling OP, China jasmine Dragon Pearls, pink pepper, rose petals, natural flavouring

Sencha – Green Tea Bio 100g

This particular variety of green tea, is steamed and not backed. It's being made by small buds of the plant. It has a refreshing flavor reminding grass, vegetal, seaweed. It's the most traditional tea in Japan.

Wake up Breeze – Green White Tea Blend Bio 100g

Bergamot flavor. It’s time to awaken the senses. And nice combination of green and white tea give this a beverage with vivid color and unique citric flavor.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha, white tea Pai Mu Tan, marigold, natural flavouring, rose petals, cornflower blue

Welcome Winter – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Orange-cinnamon flavor. Warming beverage based on green tea. a great combination of orange cinnamon and licorice root.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha, liquorice root, cinnamon, orange peels, pink pepper, natural flavouring, rose petals, lavender, China jasmine silverneedle

Green Tea

Green tea has established in the minds of consumers as a healthy habit because of its rich antioxidant action and its contribution to the reduction of body weight. El Greco's Green tea comes from excellent Ceylon variety. For a hot or cold drink with 100 % natural ingredients, for any hour of the day. Try it with honey.

Green Tea with Nettle

A unique blend of Greek and Eastern flavors. The result is a natural and healthy drink wit rich taste and elegant aroma. For any time of the day. Enjoy it hot or cold.
Ingredients: Green Tea, Verbena, Nettle, Natural Lemon flavoring