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Bancha – Green Tea Bio 100g

A green tea with leaves not rolled but compressed. A great aromatic beverage with soft character.

Campus Garden – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Tandarine-grapefruit flavor. A unique beverage send us on a journey to a wonderful citrus garden. Tandarine and grapefruit are ideally combined with exceptional quality green tea. Delightful and balanced.
Ingredients:Green Tea China Sencha, marigold, natural flavouring, orange peels, balm, verbena, tangarine, passionflower herb, China jasmine Dragon Pearls, mango, lime blossoms

Casablanca – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Peppermint flavor. A meeting of two ancient traditions. The Chinese green tea with the Moroccan unique flavorful peppermint. A beverage with rich aroma and strong freshness.
Ingredients:reen tea China Gunpowder, peppermint, natural flavouring

Chai-kovsky Symphony – Green Tea Blend Natural 100g

Nuts flavor. A warming beverage, for body and soul. Chocolate with nuts, green tea with vanilla. Simply amazing.
Συστατικά:green tea China Sencha, Houjicha, cinnamon, ginger(ginger, raw cane sugar), natural flavouring, HAZELNUT,WALNUT, coconut, bourbon vanilla

Chun Mee – Green Tea Bio 100g

One of the most famous teas. It has gray color, with tightly rolled leaves of exceptional green tea. Its flavour is less sweet the other green teas, more acidic, more earthly.

Diagon Alley – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Orange-vanilla flavor. A blend full of mysticism with a sweet alternative flavor. Orange and vanilla combined power.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha*, orange peels*, natural flavouring, marigold*, rose petals*, cornflower blue*, bourbon vanilla*

Earth’s Fruits – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Strawberry peach flavor. An exceptional cup of tea combined with aromatic earth fruits. Sweet result with strong strawberry and peach flavors.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha, banana (banana, coconut oil, cane sugar, honey), natural flavouring, marigold, strawberry, pineapple, apricot

Ginger Orange – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Ginger-orange flavor. Green tea in a classic blend with exceptional ginger and aromatic orange.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha, ginger, orange peels, natural flavouring, marigold

Gunpowder – Temple of Heaven – Green Tea Bio 100g

A famous green tea gives us beverage with a light color and a lot of freshness. Made from high-quality Chinese green tea tightly rolled by hand resembles the gunpowder.

Gunpowder – Green Tea 100g

A famous tea. Ideal pick for an everyday awakening beverage.

Happy Monk – Green Tea Blend Bio 100g

Ginger-lemon flavor. At the foot of delight and joy. Green tea sencha with fresh spicy flavorful ginger and lemon notes.
Ingredients:green tea China Sencha, lemongrass, ginger, natural flavouring, lemon peels, marigold

Jasmine – Green Tea Bio 100g

An exceptional green tea flavored naturally with Jasmine blossoms. 1000 year tradition create a unique marriage of flavor. Fresh Jasmine blossoms are added to the green tea during drying. After some days when the tea is dried the blossoms are removed. The result is a beverage with the freshness of green tea and Jasmine flavor.