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Assam – Black Tea Bio 100g

A full bodied tea with balanced flavor. A second harvest product considered to be higher graded than the first harvest. This tea comes from North Eastern India from a place with tropical climate,lots for rain and high temperatures creating the perfect environment for this flavorful tea.

Autumn Walk – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

Bergamot-orange-lemon flavor. A refreshing stroll in an autumn garden of gold red leaves. A blend full flavor revives the spirit through a fruity mix of citric fruits combined with spices.
Ingredients:black tea Assam, lemongrass, black tea Assam OP,black tea Golden Yunnan OP, natural flavouring, orange peels,lemon peels, verbena, rose petals, cornflower blue

Blue Flower Earl Grey – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

Bergamot flavor. Always classic black tea with natural Pergamon flavour. Lovely combination.
Ingredients:black tea Assam, natural flavouring, cornflower blue

Ceylon OP– Black Tea 100g

Black, classic, single blend Ceylon Tea Orange Pekoe.

Darjeeling Firts Flush FTGFOP1 – Black Tea Bio 100g

First flush means the first gathering of the year happening in March to mid April. This tea signifies the beginning of the new year’s harvest. During this stage the fresher, softer leaves of the tea or collected, giving us a distinctive dry earthly sweet flavor.

English Breakfast – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

A well-balanced combination of Indian and Ceylon black teas, gives us a golden cup of aromatic classic tea.
Ingredients:black tea Assam BOP, Black Tea Ceylon

Red Fruit Passion – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

Red Fruit flavor. A full-bodied beverage based on black tea. Ideal for those love red fruits.
Συστατικά:black tea Assam, blackberry leaves, natural flavouring, verbena, grape (grape, vegetable oil), elderberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant

Snowy Cabin – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

An aromatic blend without any added flavorings. Based on black tea and I diona beverage for cold winter days.
Ingredients:black tea Assam, cinnamon, lemongrass,orange peels, clove, rose petals, cardamon

Warm Soul – Black Tea Blend Bio 100g

Cookie-ginger flavor. Aromatic dates with flavorful spices give black tea a special character, ideal for the cold winter nights. Enjoy in front of the fireplace.
Ingredients:black tea Assam, date (date, rice flour), cinnamon, green tea China Sencha, orange peels, natural flavouring, star anise, clove, cardamon, nutmeg, bourbon vanilla

Masala Chai with Orange

A wonderful beverage summing up the flavors of the East. Enjoyable spice blend, refreshing flavor and sweet aftertaste. For a hot or cold beverage with 100% natural ingedients. Try it with milk.
Ingredients: Turmeric, Ginger, Cardamom, Ceylon Cinnamon, Black Tea, Orange, Stevia Leaves, Star Anise, Black Pepper, Cayenne, Paprika, natural flavorings

Black Tea

Classic and timeless black Ceylon tea. The El Greco Black Tea has excellent aroma and full flavor. For a hot or cold drink with 100 % natural ingredients. Try it with honey.

Black Tea Earl Grey

Exceptionally flavorful tea. A long english tradition. Aromatic pergamot with a distinctive character. For a hot or cold drink. Try it with honey.
Ingredients: Black Tea, Natural flavoring