The El Greco Natural Herbs & Teas collection, starting from the blossoms of the Greek land, offers a revolution towards natural products and healthy pleasure. By identifying the needs of modern people, we design products that are 100% natural, safe, practical, economical and packaged with all the modern procedures and international standards so as to preserve all their beneficial ingredients and freshness.

Inspired by the restless Greek, voyager, El Greco, the man wandering around the world from Ulysses and Alexander the Great to Dominicos Theotokopoulos and Konstantine Kavafi and bringing along the ideals of the Greek spirit that engraved World history, along with giving back to Greeks the knowledge and experience of other cultures.

Therefore, we combine the Traditional and Mediterranean diet, and create products with high quality raw material from Greece and all over the world. Our goal is to satisfy the growing demand for a healthy diet through the consumption of herbal beverages and tea.

These beverages, due to their natural beneficial properties today, have become a favorite everyday habit continuing the rich Greek tradition where in ancient times the residents took advantage of the rich flora of the country collecting the aromatic plants and herbs, dehydrating them and using them mainly for therapeutic reasons.

Our philosophy is based on the Mediterranean diet and the way of life that it represents, and is more and more recognized as a complete dietary example that can offer many benefits to modern people.

The products were created by Markos Bagatzounis & Sons SA, a family owned business that produces, processes, packages and sells spices, aromatic plants – herbs and beverages based in Vatero, Kozani, West Macedonia. The company started in 1976 is a company with principles, vision, goals and hope for the future.

Our company for over 40 years has successfully provided a varitety of products consting of 700 spice codes, aromatic plants beverages and tea known as «Bagatzounis Spices», having always the highest quality in mind.

The reputation and clientel is also increasing beyond Greek borders since it exports to 9 countries. The company is based in Vatero, Kozani privately owned facilities that cover 1.600sq.m. of building facilities and 14.000sq.m. in agricultural facilities. The production process is certified with ISO 22000. We also have Organic certification.

Our priority is the Greek aromatic plants, the wealth of greek land, which especially thrive in West Macedonia due to its unique nature, flora and fauna and give excellent organoleptic characteristics. They are cultivated very close to their natural environment, thus cultivated mildly, without needing a lot of water, fertilizers, pesticides and according to good agricultural practices.